Mar. 22nd, 2013

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Last time we did this it was both super fun and super helpful, so without further adieu -

How this works: below is a drabble. To participate, reply to this post with another drabble containing a sentence or phrase from the original. Please leave the words you took on the subject line, as well as the fandom in parentheses. (If no fandom/any fandom, just write "any"). The next person continues the trend, taking a sentence or phrase from any of the existing drabbles and creating their own as a reply.

You can draw from any drabble as many times as you want. It's okay to change the tense or the POV of the bit you've taken if you need to for it to make sense.

Also, all fandoms are welcome, including rpf, etc. Because of that, you can also substitute any character name for any other character name.

And, of course, make sure to add any trigger warnings if necessary.


The storm picks up, rattling the windows, and his hand tightens in hers. She smiles at him, pretending there isn't a gun in her hand, that he’s enough to keep her safe. They only have a few minutes left. She wants to tell him the truth, but the words catch in her throat. She doesn’t know how to say goodbye. The roof is leaking; the volume on the TV is turned low. This was supposed to be a weekend in the woods—a chance for them to start over. His lips press against her neck, and he holds on tight.

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