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assorted ficlets | mash, firefly, supernatural, bbt, late night talk show hosts,

Collection of tumblr fics/AUs I posted recently. None of the fandoms are mine, etc.

Also, nothing's rated over PG-13.

♥ thanks for the prompts lovies ♥

MASH; Hawkeye/Margaret; they're in Starfleet

“So why’d you join Starfleet?” she asks. They’ve finished a bottle of Romulan ale between them, and he’s just finished waxing poetic about his home in Maine, and maybe she’s a little curious about the CMO who flirts every time he opens his mouth but fights even harder for every patient on the table. Maybe she’s a little drunk. Maybe she’s just tired and worn out and worn thin by a grueling eighteen hours delivering immunizations and medical treatment to the epidemic-ravaged Sarn.

Hawkeye looks over at her, his uniform hopelessly wrinkled and his untidy hair standing up all over. He knows why she joined; she’s Starfleet to a fault, down to her very bones, and she’s proud of it, and he’s not surprised she asked. She’s certainly not the first person to wonder why someone who hates rules and regs as much as he does signed on.

He pauses, though, and looks at her, at her blonde hair and her smile and all that caring that she can never quite bury deep enough, and for all that they fight and bicker and get at each other’s throats, he gives her something he’s never given any of those other people that asked; he tells her the truth.

Firefly; Mal/Simon; Simon is the Independent veteran and Mal is the doctor from the Core, but they're still who they always were

The thing about Mal is he’ll go on about the Hippocratic Oath and how he can’t do no harm, and then as soon as the bad guy with the gun starts getting bored of the sound of his talking, Mal will take the man out. There wasn’t a whole lot of honor in wartime, and Simon understands the concept of needing to fight dirty to get out of a jam, but as Mal says, affectionate despite the way he grumbles out the words, Simon’s always a bit too innocent and upstanding for his own good. Sometimes Simon wants to hear more about Mal, because doc from the core he might be but he’s got a mouth on him, and he never once thought twice about using his credentials to get Simon’s sister out, and Simon’s got a steadfastness deep inside himself, a depth that he keeps buried, because you don’t live through war, you don’t live through Serenity Valley without coming out changed, but Mal’s wicked and foolish and can always be counted on to get you caught up in a fight and then patch you up afterwards, and Simon wants to know how that happens. They’re not too sure how long the doc plans to stay on board, not least because with River here they’re all a bit too wanted for any of their tastes, but Mal loves Simon’s ship just as much as Simon does, and maybe Mal loves other things too, like the width of Simon’s smile and the way Mal, laughing teasing Mal, can lift some of the darkness from Simon’s eyes.

BBT; Wil/Sheldon; 19th Century Explorers!AU

Wil hadn’t expected to be saddled with a ridiculous scientist when he received his assignment from Jefferson to survey the Northwest territories. Sure, the man had an uncanny sense of direction and had apparently memorized everything, little as it was, that they knew about the area, but he also complained relentlessly and seemed to view Wil as his own personal servant/bodyguard/bodyheater. Which, all right, when it’s pouring down with rain, and they’re huddled underneath a makeshift shelter and trying to ignore the wind that’s making a fair attempt to tear their clothes off, he’s not protesting the way Sheldon leans in against him as if Wil’s proximity alone is enough to keep him safe, and Sheldon’s nose pressed into his collarbone, his shivering lanky handful of body tucked into something small and curled into Wil’s, it’s not such a burden. Unfortunately, the man doesn’t seem capable of shutting up for a second, and when he gets it into his head that Wil’s purposefully insulted him, matters get out of hand. It’s not until they’re stuck in a tree while some beast tramps around below, looking for them, that Wil finally finds out one way to quiet him—Sheldon, clinging to the branch, eyes wide and water catching on his bottom lip, sleeves shoved up to just above his forearms, opens his mouth to speak, and Wil covers it with his own. Sheldon makes a surprised, intensely interested noise, and the rest, as they say, is history.

BBT as Mobsters

She laughs and tips back the shot, the alcohol hitting her tongue and then the back of her throat; she keeps a straight face and slouches back in the chair with an easy smile, ignoring the weight of the gun in her waistband. Unwillingly, her eyes slip away from Howard and Raj and Leonard, those laughing drunken boys who bury their hard edges under jokes, and up to the man sitting at the bar and nursing his coke. Sheldon’s watching them all coolly, studying them in a way she’s yet to become accustomed to, and she fights down the hot flare of interest that hits her as his eyes meet hers, reminds herself sternly that he’s a very bad man, that she’s undercover, and that she’s going to take him down.

SPN; Castiel appears BEFORE Dean makes his deal and straightens things out (S2)

Dean drives too fast, embracing the feel of the car shift beneath him, the way his Impala flies down the asphalt until he hits dirt roads, his fingers gripping the steering wheel too tight and his eyes searching beyond the road in front of him. He fumbles for the coffee in the cupholder and burns his tongue on it but swallows down the pain; he knows where he’s going, he knows there’s no going back from this, but there’s nothing else to do. He pulls his girl up short at the crossroads and stumbles out, his feet unsteady on the ground, his stomach churning. He falls to his knees, but his hand pauses in the dirt as he digs the hole, his heartbeat loud in his ears and hot tears spilling down his cheeks. He doesn’t pray, not quite—it’s please that spills out unbidden over his tongue, please please please.

A hand on his shoulder, and a man stands behind him, blue eyes kind. “Dean,” he says. “Dean, it’s going to be all right.”

The man holds out a hand, and Dean is kneeling, his brother’s blood on his shirt and dirt underneath his fingernails, and he knows he should go for his gun, knows that only the dark things know his name, and only they can help him, now. Dean knows there is nothing good left hoping for, but the man’s eyes are kind and his hand is steady, and Dean reaches up to take it.

FakeNews; Jon/Stephen; Jon and Stephen in the 1950s

It’s a small town, unfortunately. Jon works at the only high school; he’s not sure if he makes a difference and the hours are long, but no matter how many times he swears he’ll give it up he never does. Evenings he’ll lean over the kitchen table and grade papers, waiting for Stephen to come in with a six pack of beer and an easy smile. Stephen works at the local new station and keeps long hours, but he always comes home (to Jon’s home, not to theirs, because Stephen is a renter, nothing more, nothing more). Jon never does give up his job, no matter how many time he rants to Stephen late at night before they both fall into Jon’s bed (not theirs, not theirs, the world can never know), because someone has to teach the future generations what acceptance means, and Jon isn’t sure how he got roped into that job, but Stephen’s words lilt softly into Jon’s ear, and Jon does his best to work the impossible. (It’s not enough, it’s never enough, but Stephen’s hands on his skin and Stephen’s open-mouthed kisses along his throat, and he has to try, he always has to try.)

Viggo/Conan; tell me, would you?

Set in December of ‘01, with Elijah’s interview on LNw/COB.

Viggo has a stillness about him; it settles deep in Conan’s chest, a pressure he can’t escape. Viggo smiles easily, but sometimes there’s a reserved look in his eyes, a secret to the curve of his lips; it’s distracting and it’s unfair and Conan remembers, uneasily, how little Viggo ever played by the rules. It’s been years since they’ve seen each other, and he didn’t expect to see him tonight—this is Elijah’s interview, after all—but there he is, leaning against the wall of the trailer while Billy and Dominic cackle over in the corner and Elijah struggles with his tie. It should be endearing how they’re still traveling in packs, how they can’t let each other go, but Conan’s too struck by Viggo’s eyes meeting his. Conan flushes, stumbling over his words as he forces out a greeting; he’s always been so erratic and uncertain in the face of Viggo’s peace.

(And he can remember Viggo laughing, chasing him as Conan ran like a newborn foal, that one summer and the first weeks of autumn, before the trees had quite changed, before Conan left for New York and Viggo for Thailand and a quest for understanding Conan had never quite understood. But then, Conan has always felt a step or two behind Viggo. He thinks, maybe, most people do.)

Viggo smiles when he sees him, slow and smooth and familiar, and it hurts a little with its affection. “Conan,” he says, stepping closer, enfolding him in a hug before Conan can quite steady himself. Viggo smells of pine, somehow, and open sky, and it twists in Conan’s gut. His arms tighten around Viggo for a beat, and then he lets him go. (And he has spent a lifetime letting him go, he has spent years giving him up.)

“Viggo,” Conan says, and his voice is steady, he thinks, steady enough, and then Viggo cups his cheek and presses his forehead against his and says “I missed you.” And Viggo has never played by the rules, has lived outside those rules, has walked down paths and stared through windows from the outside, searching for some hidden clue, some unseen path, and Conan has never been able to fault him that, never been able to keep him from something more.

He can hear the sounds of Elijah and Billy and Dominic’s quiet talk, and he knows it’s about them, but Viggo tugs Conan’s shirt and smiles that lopsided smile, and Conan lets go, gives in, gives up; Viggo’s smile is too wide and his eyes too dear and hearts, after all, must be made to be broken, or they wouldn’t break so well.

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Okay, that does it. Forget anything else ever; Wil/Sheldon is my OTP forever.

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Pretty much any combination of Wil/Sheldon/Penny/Raj makes me deliriously happy, but I still haven't settled on which is the best yet. Maybe I'll decide when someone writes foursome fic. ;)
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I'm trying to think of scenarios now, and somehow it's all coming back to Halo night. Because maybe Wil finally gave in to Sheldon's repeated invites, and Penny's been playing for a few weeks since Howard spends an awful lot of time wedding planning these days (ha), and Raj, well, he needed to drink in order to talk around Penny. But the thing is that Raj occasionally gets a little gayer when he drinks, and maybe he's always been a little envious of Wil and Sheldon for having the whole nemesis relationship, because he doesn't have that with anyone.

Of course, it was probably all Wil's fault for not taking the others seriously when they told him not to sit in Sheldon's spot.

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I have never written anything with anyone before, but I unbelievably want to write this with you. Or just you to write this, even? MOSTLY THIS JUST NEEDS TO EXIST. Especially if at any point Penny or Raj get frustrated at Sheldon pitching a hissy fit about *his spot* and shove him into Wil's lap...and Wil just puts his arms around him so he can get at his controller and keeps playing.
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I am totally pro co-writing because you are made of awesome. But I'm writing this because plotbunny.

Penny can't figure out how neither Wil nor Sheldon can work out her moves before she makes them; she thinks she's telegraphing them all over the place. Maybe they're just both too focused on the TV screen, who knows? She mostly looks at the screen but her eyes keep going to each of the others: Raj, in Leonard's chair, onto his second grasshopper and reflexes none the worse for it; Sheldon, upright in his spot, tongue occasionally darting across his lips, which means he's about to try something sneaky; and Wil, to her right, looking almost casual as he leans forward, elbows on knees, but there's a tension in his shoulders that speaks of immersion in the battle.

She and Raj kick ass in the first round and Sheldon, disgusted, gets up to get a "refreshing beverage as fuel to beat you next time". While he's headfirst in the fridge ferreting out a Diet Coke, Wil winks at Penny and stands up, stepping past her to sit nonchalantly in Sheldon's spot.

Nonono, Penny and Raj mouth at him. But Wil just grins infuriatingly and sips his beer, crossing his legs and obviously settling himself right in.

She has to give Sheldon credit for his reaction - when he turns away from the fridge he does a small double-take, presses his lips together, and gives her the explain this right now look. Penny gets up to refill her wineglass and pat his arm.

"Stay cool, Sheldon. He's your BFF, remember?"

"Hardly," Sheldon huffs. "He's only been off the list for three weeks and five days."

Penny rolls her eyes and reaches for the rum bottle, tapping it questioningly against the rim of his Diet Coke can. Sheldon huffs again and Penny takes the can and mixes him a drink. He sits back down beside Wil, trying to pretend like he didn't notice the usurping of his spot, and Penny does the requisite untangling of controller cords.

"Dude, you really need to get wireless controllers," Raj says. "Penny dear, can you fix me another drink?"

"Raj dear, there's more in the shaker, get it yourself." Penny hands Sheldon's controller over and plops back down at the end of the couch.

Twenty minutes later, Sheldon's reflexes are a little sluttish - sorry, sluggish. There's a little cluster of bottles on the coffee table now so they don't have to keep getting up. Wil seems to play just as well drunk as sober; Penny remembers how ridiculously graceful he was even bowling, for Godsake, and isn't surprised.

"Penny," Sheldon says, and he should not be that slurred after - oh, okay, it's two drinks now and he never drinks and so maybe the slurring is normal. "Penny, you're cheating."

"Am not." She blows his head off with a grenade, just to prove it.

"You can't - how'd you-"

"Sheldon, she's just very good at the game," Wil chips in. "I'd say she's got a natural talent for aiming well."

"Yup," says Penny, lasering Wil's torso.

"Oooh, burned!" Raj air high-fives her.


"Not now, Sheldon."


"Not now, Sheldon!"

He reaches out and knocks three times on the back of her left hand and she almost drops her controller.


"Why'd you let Wil in my spot?"

She hears a snicker from the other side of Sheldon.

"I didn't exactly let him."

"But you didn't stop him."

Penny has heard many conversations about why that is Sheldon's spot, why people shouldn't sit in Sheldon's spot, and why she wasn't allowed back into the apartment on account of sitting in Sheldon's spot. She's sick to death of the stupid thing.

She shoves Sheldon a little harder than intended, and he goes sideways to sprawl across Wil's lap, head on the armrest of the couch, upper body angles awkwardly across Wil's thighs. Wil's controller goes flying, the cord yanked down by Sheldon's flailing arm.

Wil looks across at her, and then calmly wriggles one arm under and stretches one arm over Sheldon. He retrieves his controller with a deft upward flick of his foot, hooking it up to his waiting hand.

And he says: "Are we still playing, or what?"
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Raj is used to feeling jealous. He's jealous of Howard for having Bernadette, and of Leonard for having Priya (but in a different way that absolutely, definitely does not involve any sexual thoughts), and even of Sheldon for having Amy (in a different way that involves sexual confusion rather than thoughts).

But this is a new one: he's jealous of this new thing between Wil and Sheldon. This, he doesn't know, special friendship. Sheldon doesn't ask any of the rest of them nicely to come to Halo night if they're free; he just yells at them if they don't show up at eight o'clock on the dot.

Not like Wil.

He'd practically courted Wil, by comparison, sending a carefully worded message each Wednesday morning. If you're free tonight, it's Halo night at my house, and we can always use a fourth. Sincerely, Sheldon. Not even a passive-aggressive jab about Leonard being a crappy fourth because of his penchant for locking himself in his room and either brooding or Skyping.

And then tonight, there was Wil, picking up his Batman comic, and he'd come home with them, and now they're all here, and Penny's just pushed Sheldon so now Wil has a lapful of physicist.

"I can't play like this!" Sheldon protests, squirming in Wil's arms.

"What, can't you see the screen?"

"I can, but-"

Wil presses Sheldon's controller into his hands. "Then we have some ass to kick."

Sheldon grumbles and wriggles and gripes and rolls and somehow ends up on his side across Wil's lap, Wil's arms still around his chest, as though there is nothing unusual about this situation whatsoever.

"Penny, how much rum did you put in Sheldon's drink?" Raj asks disbelievingly. He's not sure whether he's more jealous of Wil or of Sheldon right now.

"Oh, my drink! I can't reach it." Sheldon rolls his eyes up to give Raj a pleading look. "Rajesh, would you be a lamb and-"

"Fine, fine, I'll get your freakin' drink." Raj splashes more rum than is strictly necessary over the melting ice and sticks a straw into the glass, plonking it down on the side table near Sheldon's head and how drunk is Sheldon to not realize how ridiculous he looks craning back to sip it?

Penny's just sitting there looking kind of stunned, eyes roving over everything from the curve of Sheldon's neck as he drinks to the casual way that Wil has his arms slung around Sheldon, as though this isn't any big deal. She gulps her wine too fast and coughs and Raj half-rises, but she waves him away.

"I'm fine," she says, gasping for air. "Wil's right; we've got a game to finish."

Raj is sure now: he's jealous of all three of them for being able to take this in their stride without blinking. Suddenly he doesn't know if he should be there or not.

"Um, maybe I should go," he blurts.

"No!" all three of them say in unison, giving him a mixture of confused and surprised looks. (Sheldon manages both, thanks to his state of inebriation.)

"We really need four people for this game, Raj," Penny adds, and there's a half-smile on her face that makes him wonder if maybe she's talking about something other than Halo.

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Wil is, thank you very much, more than Sheldon’s erstwhile nemesis (and now BFF?), and those acting talents are coming in handy right now, because having a lapful of physicist is far more distracting than he wants to admit. Keeping him there—well, at first it was mostly for the entertainment value, because both Penny and Raj have an adorable way of widening their eyes and staring in shock, and it’s not like he’s ever hidden the fact that he likes pulling Sheldon’s chain. Sheldon’s not usually one to give in, though, and the act of staying comfortable and relaxed as Sheldon settles into a more comfortable position is taking its toll. Especially on his gameplay.

“You smell nice,” Sheldon says after a moment, and Wil concentrates very hard on trying to avoid Raj’s suddenly aggressive attacks and not look down at Sheldon, who, purely from peripheral vision, looks to be smiling. The worst of it, of course, is that if Wil is any sort of judge of character, Sheldon probably doesn’t even realize what he’s doing when he shifts slightly and…well. Wil takes a moment to grab his drink and down half the contents. Penny takes the opportunity to blow him into smithereens, and when he glances at her she’s grinning at him knowingly.

“Penny,” Sheldon says, sitting up a little to look at her, and suddenly he’s toeing his shoes off and trying to tuck his ridiculously long legs up onto the couch. He mostly manages to trap Penny between them, and she leans forward with a sigh as Sheldon tries to get somewhat comfortable.

“Sheldon, trying to play,” she says, but her voice doesn’t have the usual snap it has when he’s bothering her.

“Penny,” he repeats, and Wil bites his bottom lip as Sheldon somehow manages to rub the back of his head up and down Wil’s chest as he tries to look at Penny. Sheldon slips a stocking foot behind her back, and then lower, and she lets out a little yelp and turns to look at him, and Raj’s character walks up and shoots Wil point blank (again), and Wil’s rather certain things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to be going.

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Sheldon is warm. Sheldon is warm, and Wil’s lap is comfortable, and technically they’re sharing the spot, so Sheldon doesn’t need to make Wil move, which is good, because Sheldon is warm and Wil’s lap is comfortable.

If Sheldon had known Wil’s lap was this comfortable, he’d have forgiven him ages ago.

Sheldon frowns as Raj kills Wil again, and this isn’t fair, it’s not, because they must all be cheating, because he and Wil and better at this game, they are. They are.

“Raj, stop cheating,” Sheldon pouts.

“I’m not cheating!” Raj says, defensive. Sheldon squirms around until he can properly give Raj the evil eye.

“Don’t be jealous because Wil’s lap is comfortable,” he says. He tilts his head up until he can see Wil’s stubbly chin, which for some reason makes him want to giggle. “You’re my spot, now, Wil Wheaton,” he says. “Your lap is just comfortable enough.”

“Like Goldilocks,” Penny fairly cackles from down the couch. She gulps most of her wine down when Wil and Raj both turn and look at her, but Sheldon’s much too focused on Wil’s beard. It’s—it looks like it’s prickly. But he is a scientist. He grabs most of Wil’s face (accidentally! He was only aiming for the beard!) with his left hand, while continuing to chase Penny with his right hand on the controller.

“Mmph—Sheldon!” Wil growls, but Sheldon is experimenting.

“Raj,” Sheldon says. Raj ignores him, and Sheldon huffs out a sigh, and then pauses with a frown. Raj always cares when Penny tries to get his attention, but… Well, maybe… “Raj, sweetie,” Sheldon practically sing-songs, trying to mimic Penny’s voice. “Lean forward, won’t you, honey?”

Wil and Penny are both staring at him, so he was probably too perfect with Penny’s voice, but at least Raj is leaning forward and—

“Mmph—Sheldon! What are you doing?” Raj yelps, pulling back from Sheldon, who’s busy feeling up Raj’s face. Feeling Raj’s face. Testing Raj’s face?

“You’re soft,” Sheldon hums contemplatively. And then he shoots Penny with the hand still on his controller. Because he is the best.
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Penny's way beyond the point of being indignant and is pretty much just literally trying not to die of laughter. The intent expression on Sheldon's face as he methodically paws first Wil and then Raj is priceless, and even if it's kinda creepy that he manages to sound so much like her, the part where he remarks on Raj being soft is even more priceless. Pricelesser? Whatever.

Also, the part where he's totally gazing up at Wil while he's petting Raj's face is adorable.

His leg across her lap has her pretty well pinned, but that doesn't mean much; if he can play one-handed, then so can she. She drops her left hand to his thigh and feels his body go tense; his hand stills on Raj's cheek and Wil jerks his head up from looking down at Sheldon, and all four of their gazes meet in the middle.

Wil's the first to look away, but it's only so he can lower his hand and start ruffling Sheldon's hair without poking him in the eye. Penny slides her hand a little higher up Sheldon's thigh. And Raj leans into Sheldon's hand, letting Sheldon trace the line of his cheekbone, the line of his jaw.

None of them stop to ask what the hell it is they're doing.

Wil leans forward and deposits his controller on the coffee table so he can use his free hand on Penny, tracing whisper-soft lines up her forearm that raise goosebumps. For a second his hand closes over hers, drags it higher still up Sheldon's leg. Sheldon's eyes are shut and he's making - dear God, he is in fact making purring noises.

"You're not so prickly after all, Wil Wheaton," he says.

"He either means the nemesis thing or your beard," Penny adds helpfully.

"I suspect the latter," Raj says, not needing to expand upon why.

Wil just raises an eyebrow at Penny and Penny scoots closer (she practically has Sheldon's legs wrapped around her waist now), and when Wil's mouth meets hers she drops her controller, because fuck Halo, there are three weapons of mass distraction here.

"Definitely not prickly," she confirms after a few exploratory minutes.

"Let me?" Raj asks, and Penny thinks he means her, but Wil obligingly leans over and Sheldon's hand is still on Raj's cheek and Sheldon's probably getting a little squeezed between the two of them, but if he has the nerve to complain, if he dares...

It's his damn spot, after all. It has to be perfect.
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Raj isn't jealous any more. In fact, he would tell Sheldon as much, but the best he can manage is, "Mmmm," because he has Wil's tongue in his mouth and Sheldon's fingers digging into the side of his face. He's pretty sure Sheldon is staring up at them but can't see; even when he tries to open his eyes one glimpse of the way Wil's eyes look closed, eyelids quivering ever so slightly with concentration, make his own eyes fall closed again so he can focus on kissing.

There's a careless heedless scramble to his left and then he can feel Penny's lips against his cheek. Raj turns his head and kisses her, quietly a little smug now that this is familiar ground for him and not for Wil.

He does, however, have a little trouble ignoring the fact that to be kissing him, she's probably straddling Sheldon. For that matter, upgrade the "probably" to a "definitely". She is too balanced and stable to still be sitting turned sideways between his legs. But Raj has her full attention.

Penny's mouth goes slack against his. Raj doesn't have her full attention after all. He pulls back, opens his eyes, and discovers why.

"I didn't think anyone could bend that far." Penny's voice is breathy with surprise.

(Wil's head is bent over Sheldon's. Sheldon's hand is in Wil's hair now.)

"Maybe he learned it in Starfleet."

(Wil's hand, cupping the side of Sheldon's face, moves from a tender touch to briefly flipping them the bird.)

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Sheldon’s arching up into Wil’s kiss, his long fingers curling into Wil’s hair and trailing along his neck, and Wil is doing his damnedest to keep coaxing out those little purring moans from Sheldon’s throat. His brain is mostly shut off right now, which is probably a good thing, because when Stuart periodically sighs at yet another “Wil Wheaton Sausage Fest” it’s never been that sort of—

But Sheldon has a long stretch of throat that would make any model in the world jealous, and right now he’s baring it for him, and Raj and Penny are still making out above them, Penny’s hand on his arm for balance. Raj runs a hand through Wil’s hair, a soft curse on his lips, and then Penny leans back in and muffles it with her tongue, and from behind them the Halo game is still running, controllers half on the table and half on the floor.

Sheldon tastes like rum, and maybe that should stop him, but Wil has alcohol on his own tongue and Sheldon is looking at him as if he’s all of the sealed Wesley Crusher action figures wrapped up in one, which, hell, maybe that is what Sheldon’s thinking, but if he keeps kissing like that it’s not really going to bother him much.

It's warm, and Sheldon's smiling lazily into his kisses, and part of Wil is still trying to process the fact that he's making out with the man who's had a grudge with him for years.

(And okay, yeah, he'd noticed the tension between them before, and that's half of what made riling Sheldon up so fun, because a flustered Sheldon had those sparkling eyes and that outraged quiver to his voice, which. Hot.)

It's Penny and Raj kissing, though, and the way Raj is half on top of Sheldon in order to kiss her better, and it should be too much, it should, but then Raj is pulling away, his eyes skimming down across the three of them.

And then, with a determined sort of air, as if unwilling to lose this chance, Raj catches Sheldon’s hand and presses the palm to his lips. Wil’s eyes follow the motion, his lips pulling away from Sheldon’s just in time to see Raj lick Sheldon’s long, thin index finger into his mouth. Raj’s cheeks hollow lightly, and Penny’s grip on Wil tightens to near-painful, but he can’t even think beyond the rush of heat in his body.

He licks suddenly dry lips, but before he can quite regain his bearings Penny’s grabbed a handful of his shirt and turned him to face her. She leans in and grazes his bottom lip lightly with her teeth and then licks into him, and she tastes sweet from the wine, and if this, he thinks, if this is what comes from sitting in this spot, Sheldon's never getting it back.

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Sheldon’s sprawled out between the other three, with Wil’s hand still drawing light circles underneath his shirt and Raj doing his level best to suck Sheldon’s sanity out of his fingers, and even the pressure of Penny’s body against his is—is doing things. Unexpected things. Unexpected not bad things.

Experimentally, Sheldon runs his free hand up along the outside of Penny’s thigh. She shifts above him in a pleasing manner, and he keeps going until he finds soft skin beneath her shirt, and Penny is the softest of all of them, her skin smooth beneath his fingertips, and it’s fascinating, isn’t it? The way bodies differ, despite being so similar? The way they bend and quiver beneath touch?

Raj leans in closer and kisses the inside of his elbow, and Sheldon rides the crest of pleasure as Raj lathes the skin gently, and as he moves Penny’s hand drops to join Wil’s underneath his shirt, her fingernails a rough contrast to the light circles Wil is drawing, and it’s—

“Raj,” Sheldon says, and he can hear the way his voice lilts a little, “Raj, Rajesh, take off your shirt? I need to see how soft you are, take off your shirt?”

And Raj stills, his face so near Sheldon’s now, but before he can quite lean in Wil and Penny are quite accommodating as they practically rip Raj’s shirt off. Before Sheldon can manage to articulate his thanks, Raj drops to his knees next to Sheldon and his mouth is on his, and Sheldon's shirt is shoved up his chest. Sheldon's warm, still, and he kind of wants his drink, but then Raj drops an open-mouthed kiss on Sheldon's neck, and Sheldon decides it can probably wait a little longer.
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"Up, get him up," Penny says, yanking on both layers of Sheldon's shirt and looking at Wil, who obligingly gives Sheldon a little shove from underneath.

"I think he's already up," Raj comments from somewhere around Sheldon's collarbone, and Wil snickers, helping to wriggle Sheldon's shirts up and off. Sheldon is quasi-helpful in this as he lifts his arms; Raj is less helpful, as he's reluctant to leave off nuzzling Sheldon's neck.

And, yes, Penny can feel that Sheldon's aroused. It's weirdly unheard of; if she hadn't been informed that he and Leonard had been masturbating for money earlier the very day that they'd all met, she wouldn't be sure that he even did do anything of the sort.

Maybe one day she'll hear the full story about that.

Right now, though, Sheldon's arching against Raj's mouth as Raj works his way lazily across Sheldon's chest, kissing and nipping.

"Your turn," Wil informs her, plucking at the hem of her top.

"Uh-uh. You first." Penny slides her hand up his side, vaguely aware that there probably a good many women people geeks who would kill to have their hands where hers is right now. (The one on Wil's side, that is, not the one on Raj's shoulder helping her keep her balance. Although, after the 30 under 30 thing, maybe there'd be a few people out there envious of that as well.) She hooks her fingers into his t-shirt and yanks and Wil mock-reluctantly drags it off over his head. He flexes a little, showing off, and Penny laughs at him.

Then he's catching her into a kiss, his right hand sneaking confidently up under her shirt, and she lets herself go deeper into the kiss as he flicks her bra open, enjoying the feeling of falling into something unknown and exciting.

He really isn't prickly at all, now that she's taking the time to think about it. Maybe mildly scratchy at most. Kind of nice, really. She wonders what that neat little moustache would feel brushing against other parts of her and shivers, and the shiver makes her rub against Sheldon.

(At least, that's her excuse.)

Someone's hand is on her hip, fingers digging in. She disentangles her mind from pure sensation and tries to rationalize who it could be. Fingers too short to be Raj's, really; she knows his hands a little better than she used to. Sheldon, then.

So now she doesn't need any sort of excuse to roll her hips down against his and feel him rise to meet her.
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There's something happening between Sheldon and Penny; their eyes are locked on each other's and Sheldon has one hand on Penny's bare side where her shirt is riding up, and although his other hand is still absently tangled in Raj's hair (Raj is not sure when it got there; hopes it doesn't go away) it's as though just for this moment it's just the two of them with Raj and Wil as spectators, nothing more.

Then Wil raises an eyebrow at Raj across Sheldon's blissed-out body, and flicks his eyes toward Penny, and Raj catches hold of the other side of Penny's top. Between the two of them they have it up and off over her head in three seconds flat, but her bra is still hanging off her arms and she clutches it to her chest in a parody of coyness.

Sheldon's hand steals up her side and as she twitches ticklishly Wil skims the straps down her arms and Penny gives in and tosses her bra aside.

"Damn," Wil breathes, as though he's never seen a woman's breasts before. Sheldon is quiet - and he has seen Penny's breasts before, or so Penny says - but his hand lifts to briefly cup her left breast.

"Is that my arm?" Penny says in an apparent non sequitur, and Sheldon laughs.

"If that were your arm, more women should wear sleeveless tops." Raj has to smack Wil for that one, but the laughing look in Wil's eyes says he thinks it was worth it.
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Penny leans down to kiss Sheldon and Wil takes the opportunity to run his hand over her back, feeling the delicious smoothness of her skin under his fingers. He can understand why Sheldon is so preoccupied with touching them all, now; if he focuses on just the part of her under the very tips of his fingers, he can feel how soft she is. And then, curving his hand down under her, between her body and Sheldon's, he can feel the way her nipple peaks under his touch, and she makes a little noise into Sheldon's mouth that starts Sheldon purring again.

He is definitely enjoying being Sheldon's spot.

He can't exactly see what Raj is doing - Raj is on his knees beside Sheldon, his face nuzzled in against the side of Penny's breast - but whatever it is it's definitely doing something to both Penny and Sheldon. Finally Penny lifts back up a little, gasping, and Raj has her nipple in his mouth and Wil takes advantage of the moment to cup her other breast more firmly in his hand, rolling his palm over her nipple. He scritches Sheldon's head with his free hand and gets another purr out of Sheldon, who probably has no idea what he's doing.

Mind you, he probably also has no idea that if he keeps rubbing against Wil the way he is, wriggling and writhing in his lap, Wil's going to, like, come in his pants or something. He doesn't usually trigger like that, but it's... the thing is, seeing Sheldon so turned on is really getting him wound up. It's like seeing someone who's never been outside before lying in the middle of a field of beautiful flowers and watching the sun set; Sheldon just looks so amazed by every new sensation.

Right now Raj is trailing a line down Sheldon's side with his tongue, and Penny's lifting and moving back to undo Sheldon's belt, fingers moving quickly. She doesn't even need to look at what she's doing; she presses her mouth to the side of Wil's neck and sucks lightly and he feels a shiver go through him.

"Penny, get off him, I want to..." Raj's voice trails off but since his mouth is just above Sheldon's hip he doesn't need to finish the sentence. Penny obligingly wriggles backward, dragging Sheldon's pants with her. Sheldon does not seem to be objecting in the slightest; he lifts his hips and Wil slides one hand along his hipbone, tenting up his already well-tented underpants. Sheldon goes absolutely still when Wil's hand wraps around him, and he looks up at Wil, mouth hanging open in shock.

Penny just giggles like it's the most adorable thing she's ever seen.
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All he can do is feel. The air is slightly cooler on his legs now that they are bare, and he vaguely considers protesting the removal of his pants, but then Wil's hand slides into his underwear and - oh, dear Lord.

Penny's fingers darting around Wil's, hooking into the elastic to remove Sheldon's briefs, barely register compared to the weight of Wil's hand on him. Likewise, Raj's lips pressing kisses along his thigh are almost too soft to be noteworthy, right up until the point where he feels Raj exhale against him there and it becomes apparent that his mouth is going to join Wil's hand.

It is, very literally, like nothing Sheldon has ever felt before. The slow curl and stroke of Raj's tongue against him; the heat of his mouth in that so-private place, sucking and licking and Jesus, he never thought anything could feel so good, so not-just-perfunctory.

"Raj, Rajesh, Raj, Raj..."

He's only dimly aware that he's the one talking and that Wil is looking down at him with an almost amused expression, even as his hand continues to work on Sheldon, only a beat out of sync with Raj's mouth, as though this is something they have practised together.

[identity profile] 2011-11-25 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
It's a flare of heat that hits Penny, soaks it's way into her skin, up her middle and steals her breath as Raj takes Sheldon's length. Raj hums a little around him, and her hand curls around Wil's arm hard enough to bruise — his eyes are still on Sheldon and Raj as he leans into her and kisses her neck open-mouthed and a little rough.

Her other hand pulls back from Sheldon and slides down her waistband — it's just too much, with Sheldon's wide-eyes and the noises Raj is making and the way Wil's fingers slide along her back, his short fingernails catching lightly on her skin. She needs — she needs

"Fuck," Wil whispers into her ear, and he pulls her in closer to him, until she's half in his lap, until his arm wraps around her and his fingers are tugging at the zipper on her jeans and curling around the elastic of her thong and fuck is right, she thinks, because Raj pulls mostly up off of Sheldon, his lips still stretched around him but eyes dark as he watches, and fuck fuck fuck, she thinks, so far beyond coherent that she doesn't even stop to think before guiding Wil's hand down.

He leans in and mouths something into her neck, his other hand still around Sheldon, and Sheldon's pulled himself up on one elbow to get a better look at the way she curves back into Wil, her hair spilling over his shoulder.

"Penny," Wil says, and her fingers spread across his bare chest, drag along the dark hairs that lead to his waistband, and Sheldon says something mostly incoherent as Wil's fingers slide against her.

[identity profile] 2011-11-25 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
Penny is like some sort of ancient goddess; Raj is sure of this, now. Her smooth skin and the way her hair falls, she's something out of books and myths and legends, something too much to be real.

But she is. She's real and she's practically writhing against Wil and Raj has front row seats. Raj has front row seats and Sheldon hot and full in his mouth, and how is this his life? How is this happening right now?

And then Sheldon's tangled a hand in Raj's hair and is pulling him up and away, and Raj follows reluctantly, and while Sheldon moans a little at the loss of Raj's mouth it's driven away as he drags Raj down and kisses him sloppily.

"Clothes off," Sheldon orders, and there's that snap to his voice as if he's correcting him about the intricacies of Vulcan language instead of demanding he unclothe, which... Raj is pretty happy that it's the sexier of the two (not that he wouldn't be interested in Sheldon dressed up as a Vulcan, and maybe Penny in one of those dresses and Wil with his shirt half torn off, and —)

Sheldon's a little grabby, and Penny's moaning as Wil does something below the clothing line, and Raj — Raj tugs at the buckle of his belt.
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Wil's just thinking that it's getting crowded on the couch when Raj gets to his feet and starts the final approach to complete nudity, and Sheldon with his newfound need to keep touching them all follows him up and mostly gets in Raj's way, his hands going around Raj's waist from behind, his chest pressed tight against Raj's back. His eyes are closed and Wil would bet that, if he were close enough, he'd be able to hear Sheldon purring again, because he looks like one happy kitty.

Penny squirms against him and makes an indignant noise, and Wil curves his fingers against her. "Look at them," he says quietly. Sheldon's got his mouth against Raj's neck now, and Raj's hands have stilled on his belt buckle, his head tilted back to let Sheldon do what he will.

"Oh, I'm looking." Her voice is breathy, gasping. She puts her hand over his and stretches one of her fingers along his and presses in, rocking her hips unsteadily. "Really."

Wil sees her eyes close when he hits just the right spot, though (okay, yes, it takes a moment; it's not easy when they're both still sort of dressed and he's got a floor show going on right in front of him), and presses his lips just behind her ear. "You're not looking," he says, and she shivers. "Sheldon's got his hands on Raj's waist and Raj looks like he's about to start begging Sheldon to touch him more." He thinks it sounds kind of cheesy, but Penny sucks in a quick sharp breath, so maybe it doesn't. "I don't think it's possible to get in between them right now, they're so attached to each other, but wouldn't you love to?"

Penny falls apart under his fingers.
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Watching Wil and Penny over Raj's shoulder, Sheldon now completely comprehends why Penny is so noisy during coitus. Her face is flushed, her hair is loose and messy around it, and while (in his experience) the physical reactions from the male orgasm are mostly confined to the genitals, Penny's whole body seems to be involved as she comes.


Wil presses a kiss to her pink cheek and looks up at Sheldon. The expression on his face is a cross between a self-satisfied look what I did to her and an even smugger got any cards that beat a Shaking Climax, Shelly?

Raj is whining and trying to drag his hand down, and Sheldon believes that there's a reciprocity clause involved when it comes to sexual activity, although whether it's optional or not is up for debate. He unbuckles Raj's belt himself and catches the elastic of his underwear with his fingertips, dragging it down. His wrist brushes (strokes, really) the length of Raj's cock on the way down and Raj makes the same sort of noise that he does when he's attempting to talk in front of women, but it sounds far more positive this time.

Raj's cock is a little shorter than his but thicker and darker and Sheldon feels less strange than he imagined he would when he wraps his hand around it.

(His own cock, trapped between his body and the curve of Raj's backside, wants attention as well, but it's going to have to wait.)

Penny's on her way back to reality and is watching him avidly, the complete removal of her jeans and thong almost an afterthought. Sheldon is aware of her attention but fixated on the weight and smoothness of Raj in his hand, the way Raj's breath comes in jerks and gasps, and the heaviness of his head lolling back against Sheldon's shoulder.

[identity profile] 2012-01-15 09:58 am (UTC)(link)
Penny's hair is heavy against the back of her neck, and she's still a little shaky - leaning back into the solid presence of Wil. There's a small crease in Sheldon's forehead, though, and a look of intense concentration and interest as he slides his hand down Raj's cock.

(She can tell that Wil is also interested, given the way his is pressing hard through his jeans - a garment she's going to have to do away with as soon as possible.)

She knows Sheldon, though. She knows him, and she's seen him struggle through the years in different situations. She's seen him be more and do more than he thought possible - she remembers him driving her to the hospital, and she remembers him hugging her, and she remembers every time he's broken through his self-imposed barriers. She's always had faith in him, from him giving speeches to - hell, to him one day getting his Nobel. On a scale of one to ten, though, this is pressing hard at a thousand for things she never would have believed him willing to try.

Maybe it's that, or maybe it's the way Raj moans out Sheldon's name, or maybe it's the way Sheldon looks like he's trying so damn hard to excel at this the way he excels at everything else, but something that should be hot as hell is also more than a little gorgeous. She's not usually one for such sentiment, but she breathes out, "Beautiful," before she really thinks about it. Wil kisses the side of her head in what's really a sweet moment. Then he cups her breast, but hell, she's not really blaming him, since she's already half-way through stripping off his jeans.

Geek hero and good with his hands he might be, but he's got another thing coming if he thinks he can beat her at sex.
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Raj maybe has a thing for hands. Maybe he's been distracted, sometimes, by Sheldon's hands in particular. Maybe during Rock Band, watching the way his fingers curled around the buttons. Maybe in those never-to-be-mentioned-ever-again driving lessons, when he held onto that steering wheel as if his life depended on it. Maybe during those countless hours they spent Thinking, when Sheldon would rub a hand across his face or fiddle with a pencil or white board marker.

It's not that he's ever thought about those fingers, especially not in Uhura's Star Trek uniform, because Sheldon is his friend and probably not even a sexual being and--

Of course, right now his friend is skimming those very perfect fingers down the length of Raj's cock, an exploratory mission over vein and skin, noting, no doubt, how his finger at the bottom tip makes Raj's head drop back against Sheldon's shoulder.

Whatever not-quite freak out Raj is going through (is this really happening? Please be really happening) is interrupted when Sheldon leans in closer to Raj and breathes into his ear, "Tell me what you want. Tell me how to do this right."

Raj manages something between a moan and a whimper, and somewhere someone's looking out for him because he manages (barely) not to come right there.
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There are probably more clever and arousing remarks he could be making about getting in between Sheldon and Raj, and Penny doesn't look like she'd mind more attention being paid to her, but she's too busy getting his jeans off him quickly and efficiently. Wil can deal with that; she might not notice his Superman boxers if she's in such a hurry.

Neither of them hear what Sheldon says to Raj, but Wil sees what it does to him, and suddenly he is utterly, helplessly jealous of Raj. He wants Sheldon's hand on him, damn it; he wants to know what words were spoken to make Raj's hands ball into fists and his back arch to push his cock into Sheldon's hand. It's not that he doesn't want Penny, pretty soft Penny with her gorgeous green eyes and her frankly perfect breasts (if he were even a few years younger his eyes would be out on stalks, but he likes to think he's cultivated a degree of restraint over time), but he wants Sheldon too, and possibly more, and the thought makes him let out a frustrated little groan.

"What's wrong, loverboy?" Penny teases him with a fingernail drawn up his bare thigh. Wil catches her hand and starts kissing each knuckle as a way to try to distract himself from the other two, to try and cool off for a moment, but it's a nigh-impossible feat considering the way Raj is murmuring something that he can't quite hear and Sheldon looks so gravely serious about what he's doing.

Penny follows his line of sight and laughs softly. "Which one of them do you want to be, Wil?"
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"Tell me what you want. Tell me how to do this right."

It is not a question he has ever asked before, ever felt he has had to ask before. He always assumes he's right, or that everyone else is stupid, or both of the above. Even when he's in a novel situation he decides right out of the gate that his way of thinking is the only way.

But this time, not only does it appear that the question was the right question, asking it is, in itself, a sexual act.

Penny is dragging Wil's jeans off and Wil is staring at Sheldon's hand and practically licking his lips, but Sheldon focuses, listening for Raj's response. It comes not only as words but as motion, and when Sheldon's hand reflexively tightens Raj moans and almost falls. Sheldon moves them both over toward Leonard's armchair (sorry, Leonard), and then isn't quite sure how to position them both until Raj gives him a sort-of shove and he ends up in the chair with a lapful of astrophysicist.

This will do quite nicely.

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She probably ought to be annoyed or something that Wil's so distracted from her, but if she's going to be honest, she can't blame him. Raj is practically writhing around in Sheldon's lap, and Sheldon's concentrating just a bit too much, and it's cute that Wil's trying so hard to act like he's not jealous when it's so clear he is.

"I'm not--" he starts, and she huffs out a laugh and leans in and licks a stripe up his chest. His eyes go gratifyingly wide and his breath catches and, apropos of nothing, she decides he tastes a bit like tangerines. It just so happens that she loves tangerines, so she licks him again, this time lingering over his nipples, and he makes a sound that she wants to kiss out of him.

So she does.

She leans up and kisses him, licks into his mouth and nibbles on that gorgeous bottom lip of his. His attention is back on her, she can tell, as his hands span her waist and his knee nudges up between hers, and it's kind of adorable how he seems to think that he's ever going to get any kind of upper hand in this.

She lets her nails drag lightly down his sides, and she keeps her eyes on him as she follow them down. Something profane slips past his lips, but really, he ain't seen nothing yet.

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Raj's vision is going a little white around the edges, especially when he and Sheldon fall half on top of each other and rub against each other in the process. He's on the verge of seeing fireworks or something else equally cliche that Sheldon would no doubt scoff at if he weren't so busy sliding his fingers along Raj's cock.

The friction in unbearable and amazing and everything in between, and Raj tilts his head back against Sheldon's shoulder. He's not ready for when Sheldon, evidently having paid attention earlier, presses an open-mouthed kiss on his neck.

"Tell me," he says, again, into Raj's ear. "Tell me, Rajesh."
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I was kind of thinking you could do a Wil or Sheldon POV bit next, maybe?

[identity profile] 2011-10-24 08:14 am (UTC)(link)

I wrote a section for Wil, but you can ignore it or not as you want, because honestly this is fantastic and if you have a better plan for where this is going than just take it away, I don't want to be the one to screw this up! ♥
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[personal profile] notalwaysweak 2011-10-24 09:54 am (UTC)(link)
NO I LOVE IT. I'm torn between a Sheldon section and another Penny section now.
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Do you want to switch at some point? I kind of want to write drunk!Sheldon.

[identity profile] 2011-10-31 07:13 am (UTC)(link)

And I've been awful and not written anything, so you should totally write the next two parts (if you don't mind?)!

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♥ ♥

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omg. OMG. O.M.G. Did I really just read Viggo/Conan?! *THUD*

*recovers from fainting*
Also, M*A*S*H in Starfleet? YAY!

Also, Also, Wil/Sheldon forever. ♥

(And, of course I have to give some love to Jon/Stephen)

[identity profile] 2011-10-23 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
A friend of mine prompted it, and after a moment where I just stared at it in a combination of shock and awe, I kind of squealed and then wrote this out. SO MUCH PRETTTTTY.

And I'm 99% sure I'm going to write a long MASH in Starfleet AU, because ugh, so much want. (Same friend gave me the prompt too!)

[identity profile] 2011-10-23 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I've wanted a Viggo/Conan fic for years, but I could never really think of any scenarios. I somehow never thought of Elija's interview. YOU ARE A FIC GOD.

If/when you write that MASH in Starfleet AU, I'll be one of the first to read it.

BTW, your friend is awesome for thinking of those prompts.

[identity profile] 2011-10-21 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
hmmm...I think I need to put in a permanent wil/sheldon prompt with you, m'dear because they are just. always. excellent.

[identity profile] 2011-10-23 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
I'm aaaalways willing to take Wil/Sheldon prompts! And thank you for this lovely one, I love the idea of them in different environments, without their canon history - especially with the last episode where we now have canon proof that Wil isn't (only) a heartless jerk and Sheldon has always secretly wanted to be BFFs with him ;)