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Trick-or-Treat Meme

Stolen from [ profile] jazzfic

Come knock on my door by replying to this post with 'trick-or-treat' & I'll respond with a small something -- sentence fic, an icon, a declaration of my love for you, a pic, etc. ♥

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Oh this is a cute meme! Trick or treat!

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She leans against the railing, the wind catching her hair and tangling it together; she knows Victoria watches her from her castle, and she embraces the taste of it on her lips, the success of it. She doesn't know he's watching her, too, his eyes studiously thoughtful, his lips curving up a little despite himself.

She's cold, he thinks, cold and beautiful and dangerous. He alone knows even part of her story, and it's enough to warn him off, send him running, but he's never been too good with turning down temptation, and the danger of her thrills him. He wanted something to change, he wanted to break from awful routine and this boring tedium that's entrapped him, but he never saw her coming. He leans over his computer and wonders if she knows, if she's standing to her best advantage for Victoria or him, and he wonders if he'll ever be a step ahead, or if he even cares.

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Did you ever know that you're my hero? ♥

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Ooh. This looks fun and I may swipe it.

Trick or Treat!

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When Conan was a kid, he'd curl up with the Lord of the Rings. With so many siblings, he never had any privacy, but sometimes, if only for an hour, eh could run away to Middle Earth. It's thrilling, then, when all these years later Elijah comes for an interview and brings half the cast on set (completely impromptu, and Jeff Ross looks to be having a breakdown). Conan's mostly trying to remember words when Viggo — Aragorn himself — comes out grinning.

No one (with the possible exception of the entire LotR cast) was expecting Viggo to grab Conan's face in his hands and lay one on him, cameras running and all. The screams and catcalls hit a painful high, Viggo uses tongue, and eventually Elijah has to rescue a startled, clinging Conan.

Conan's quick to sit behind his desk, less so to find words. Not that anything can be heard over the studio audience.

"Sorry 'bout him," Dom fairly cackles. "He's got a bit of a crush on you."

"Well," Conan says. He's trying for his usual mock-flirty but it's a little hard to pull off with kiss-swollen lips. "See me after the show!"

Viggo ends up half-sprawled on Conan's desk and Dom climbs into Billy's lap and Orlando tries to take off his shirt and — needless to say — it might not be the most informative interview ever, but the fans love it.

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Oh, why couldn't this have REALLY happened? I would be able to die happy.

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Come and knock on our door. We've been waiting for you. We've a lovable space that needs your face...


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Susan throws a Halloween party; Nathan complains repeatedly, and loudly, and vigorously, but it makes no difference. When he insists he's staying to keep an eye on things, she acquiesces suspiciously easy and buys him a costume which involves full face makeup so he can mingle without terrifying all of her friends. He mutters and groans about it, but lets her do his makeup while he tells her how very unhappy he'll be if anything's broken and how very much her friends ought not to be sneaking alcohol.

His house is suddenly crowded in on all sides on Halloween night, and he's pretty sure he never okayed this many people coming, but Susan is flitting around happily amongst her friends, flirting easily, and mixed with his pleasure as seeing her happy, it's almost enough to make him wish that (personal, inappropriate, heated feelings aside) Chuck had been straight and had been dating her, because this is painfully nerve-wracking. A thin boy bumps into him and flashes him a wide smile, and Nathan steps back with an apology. The guy snakes a hand around Nathan's wrist, though, and drags him off into the hallway.

"You look so fucking hot," he whispers into Nathan's ear, his breath warm on Nathan's neck, and before Nathan can think the other's mouth is on his, tongue flicking into Nathan's open mouth, and this — Nathan knows how very not good this is, how exceptionally Not Good this is, but that was Charlie's voice he just heard in his ear and it shot heat straight downward, and Nathan's having a little difficulty collecting his thoughts when it's Charlie's hands that are twisting in Nathan's shirt and Charlie's body that's pressing against his.

"Wait," Nathan finally manages, pulling back and gasping, because Charlie doesn't know what he's doing, Charlie doesn't know — "Wait, I don't—"

Charlie presses an open-mouthed kiss to Nathan's neck. "Come on, Mr. Gardner," he whispers, "It's good to vent."

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That is definitely more than a sentence, but I am most definitely not complaining. Oh my God oh my God oh my God.

This absolutely completely totally made my day! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Trick or treat! (Like I deserve any more gifts from you. BUT I DON'T CARE. *greedy*)

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title or description


title or description



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Trick or Treat!

Factoid: Did you know that the 'trick' used to be to throw flour in the face of those who didn't give a treat?

Just sayin' ;)

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Penny stands uncertain in the doorway. Outside, it's raining. Outside, Sheldon is standing, one hand braced on the doorframe, one hand wrapped around the handle of his luggage. Water runs down his face and has soaked through his clothes; his hair is plastered down.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, but her voice doesn't have the bite she wants it to have, and he doesn't flinch.

"Penny," he says. "I don't have any of the grand romantic speeches Rajesh told me to prepare, or the flower Leonard recommended or even the clothing Howard tried to shove me into, but I'm here to take you home."

"I am home," Penny hisses, because Nebraska has always been her home, hasn't it? She failed California 101, and she'd done with all of it. She moved back here because this is where she belongs — it's not running away, it's not giving up, it's managing expectations. It's being realistic.


"There's nothing left for me there," Penny says, a little breathless. He steps closer, crowding her in a little, and his hand moves from the doorframe to settle on her waist, and this is Sheldon — Sheldon who's sopping wet and —

"Please don't make me move here," he says, sounding profoundly troubled by the very thought.

"What?" she asks, choking out a startled laugh.

"There's nothing left for me there, either, if you leave."

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Lovely! It is amazing what you can do in so few words.

Wet!Sheldon! is now my canon go to image to feel empathy for the guy. (Just like Zombie!Sheldon! is canon go to image to realize that he is fucking awesome).

&hearts&hearts my dear! Thank you so much :D

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Shelly. Ohhh my, Shelly. <3

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Trick-or-Treat my lovely!

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Wil grabs Sheldon and pulls him back into the alcove, arms pinning him tightly against his heaving chest. Sheldon is tense against his body, but he doesn't move, which is good — the raptor runs past them, and Wil sinks bonelessly back into the wall, air shaking in his lungs. He feels wrung out, but Sheldon steps forward a little, looking out into the trees, and there's something a little wistful in his voice when he whispers, "Life finds a way." Wil snorts and checks the gun at his side and then grabs Sheldon's hand and pulls him forward — who better to lead a dinosaur expert through a dinosaur park he thinks, irritably, than a washed up television actor?"

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(I am afraid that one day the internet will run out of these: &hearts &hearts ...AND THEN WHAT WILL WE DO?)
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Trick or treeeeat.

I will be leaving you a Raj-comment soon, I'm just out for dinner.

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Wil sits in his car outside the apartment building. There's a black notebook open on his lap with the names Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny scribbled on the page, because when someone goes in for all-out war, it's good to have a battle strategy. So far, the seduction gig's been pretty sweet, and both Raj and Penny's names are crossed off, but Wil taps his pen against his lips and stares at Sheldon's. Finally he puts a check mark next to it, because surely there's some Romulan proverb about revenge best being served repeatedly, with handcuffs, and damn if Wil's not ready to mark that as done.
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Liz pauses through scrolling tumblr when she gets Kate's email. Kate, per usual, is succint and to the point.

Finished w/ yr beta. Plz learn how guns work? This was embarrassing tbh.

Liz mutters underneath her breath as she glances at the closed office door and then opens the gdoc. It's mostly covered in red, with notes like you can't believe nikki woud actually do that? and rook IS an ass but he's not useless?! Liz should've known better than to have Kate beta it, but really, if it's anyone's fault it's Jack's for giving her Castle's book in the first place.

It's FANFIC, Liz types back. Pretend it's an AU where guns *do* work like that. >:(

She closed it all down and wipes her history and goes out to eat extra unhealthy food just to spite stupid Kate with her stupid special knowledge of guns. When she gets back there's a paint drawing of Rook pulling a face at Nikki.

I know it's fanfic, Kate's written. I just want you to be the best, bb. You know I love you?

Liz rolls her eyes and stays up until 2am making her a mix, sending it over just before Kate gets up for her morning run. She titles it You'll be My Beta in the Nursing Home, and goes to bed grinning.
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OMG this is so wonderful, thank you! What a great treat to get today :D

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Trick or Treat!

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Sheldon dresses up as a knight; his armor is heavy on his shoulders (naturally he went for as realistic as possible) and cool beneath her fingertips. "That's a little different than your usual costumes," Penny frowns, her hand still resting on his arm, his eyes set off spectacularly by the blue cloak draped down his back.

"I hoped it would...simplify matters," he says, looking more unsure than she's ever seen him.

"Simplify what matters?" she asks, eyebrows raised. He takes a deep breath, as if to steal himself, and then leans in and kisses her, his gloved hand cupping the back of her head, the metal against her hand a surprisingly major turn-on. After a long moment he pulls back a little, until she can see his blue eyes and the worried set of his mouth. She studies his face for a moment, until all she can feel is the heat in the pit of her stomach mingling with the affection she's always carried for him.

"Just so long as you know I'm no damsel in distress," she winks at him, and then surges back up to meet him kiss for kiss.

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Thank you so much! What a perfect treat after three days of tricks- storm knocked out my power.

Thanks again. I love it