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#OccupyOakland | Sherlock fic

Title: #OWS
Disclaimer: Sherlock isn't mine, etc.
Summary: re: the Occupy Oakland protests.
A/N: Just a little feel better ficlet for sin ♥


Sherlock is quiet as he stands at the window, looking out at the street below. It’s John who’s pacing back and forth, tension rippling through his body, his fingers clenching and unclenching against the wave of helplessness that’s sweeping through him.

“Flash grenades and tear gas,” he hisses, and Sherlock still stands quietly, listening to the pace of footsteps and the way John steps heavier, as if weighed down by something immeasurable. Sherlock stands quietly because his John doesn’t get rattled like this. “It’s bloody America, land of holier-than-thou democracy, and flash grenades and tear gas.

Sherlock turns at that, his long, lean figure moving gracefully as he catches John’s arm, as he brings him to a halt.

“America is no more or less noble than our own exalted England, John,” he says. His lips curve into a smile but his eyes remain solemn, and John meets them squarely. “People make decisions every step of the way. They make choices.”

“And sometimes they fuck everything up?” John says, but the grin he pulls into being is too hard to keep, and it slips away.

“Sometimes,” Sherlock says. He looks John’s face over critically—the worry lines, the dark circles—and shakes his head at him. “You’re in a sorry state, aren’t you?”

“How can you—how can you be this calm about this?” John snaps. “Don’t you find it at least vaguely upsetting that this is happening? That people—people who’ve sworn to protect and serve—are meeting peaceful protests with violence? Isn’t that what all the bloody wars have been about? Isn’t that why I—” his voice catches, and he curses it soundly for it’s weakness, because Sherlock’s—Sherlock’s—

Sherlock’s cupping a hand to the back of John’s neck and studying him thoughtfully. One might almost say affectionately.

“There are people such as yourself in the world, John. People that will never back down from what they believe to be right. I cannot be too afraid for the state of things when you are always willing to rush into the fray and defend us, can I? When there are good men such as yourself?”

John smiles, then, even it’s small and shaky, and he can feel a little of the tension inside him dissipate against the gentle stroke of Sherlock’s thumb against the back of his neck.

“Do you even know about the Occupy Wall Street protests?” he asks after a beat.

Sherlock narrows his eyes and abruptly releases him, turning back to the window. “Back to the murder at hand,” he says, sounding slightly wounded, and John smiles, a little longingly, at Sherlock’s back.

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Ok, I'm definitely crying now. Thank you bb. Srsly. [clings]

I'm kind of a mess tonight. It's really upsetting to seriously contemplate purchasing a gas mask [outside of "OH NOES IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD" semi-silliness] when I live in a country that supposedly allows free speech.

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I completely completely understand. This shit is ridiculous, and it's worse because it's not like it's actually being fairly reported on any major news station/site.

I'm from a military family, and it makes me ill that this is happening in the country that both of my parents have served, because they sure as hell didn't look at it as serving the government, they were serving the people.

ANYWAY if you need to talk or even just send me capslocked emails of rage and frustration, I'm always here bb ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thank you so much. <3

UGH it just all feels so preemptive to buy a gas mask when our actions here are very small and focused, but 3 people I know were arrested today for FILMING PUBLIC LAWMAKING [explicitly allowed in our laws] and with this compounded on past political arrests, they're talking about up to 9 months in jail. I just... ugh. I'm super concerned that things will get ugly as fuck.

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jfc. I honestly wonder what's going to happen, because it's kind of a precarious moment right now, but the country's so big and spread out that there's these different reactions in each city and each protest, and just...idk. idk.

Please stay safe, tho ♥ ♥

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Thanks love. <3 I'll do my best. Even if I get OC-ed, I'll be ok. Temporary suck for long term betterment of society is a fair trade, in my eyes.

Thank you for the fic tho. It srsly made my night.