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Dear Loveliest of Lovelies,

Darling Yuletide Writer, let me first assure you that I love fic of all shapes and sizes, and whatever you write me will undoubtedly be amazing, because you are giving me a GIFT of WORDS, and just how splendid is that? RIDICULOUSLY SPLENDID.

SO THANK YOU! So much of the thank you! ♥ &you; ♥

Whose Line Is It Anyway? RPF

Ryan + Colin (or Ryan/Colin)

Ryan/Colin or Ryan & Colin, show!fic or behind-the-scenes fic or them all hanging out together fic, or something else entirely! Mostly what I love about them is their banter and their adorkableness. I also love the other US Whose Line boys, so feel free to throw them in as well - although if you don't want to, of course, don't! (I just know sometimes you want other people for a scene, and I want to assure you I do love them all desperately, so you can feel free to use them or not.) Mostly I just want fic, and I trust you entirely in the writing of it. <3

If you want prompts, they could be on tour together, or going on a road trip somewhere, or kidnapped! (idk), or trying to make the other person crack up first, or hanging out some lazy Saturday, or really anything at all!

Jurassic Park (Movies)

Ian + Alan + Ellie OR (Ian/Alan, Ian/Ellie, Alan/Ellie, or Ian/Alan/Ellie)

First off, I like any pairing of these three (I/A, E/A, E/I, E/I/A) OR just friendshippy-ness, I'm easy! =)

I just adore the snarky awesome banter between these characters in the movie. Smutty, h/c, getting drunk together, running from dinosaurs, I will love it no matter what! If you want prompts, you can always throw them together on the island again, or do an AU of the first movie, or have them have a get-together sometime after the fact with much of the alcohol and reminiscing, or them kidnapped by baddies, or in a trailer waiting to go on a talk show to talk about their experiences, or really ANYTHING tbh. ANYTHING.

Braid (video game)


I just want fic of the Princess. You can give her a name and a backstory, you can make it pre- or post- the game, gen or with her in a relationship (with anyone, I'm not particular), but I just want fic of her.

I found the game, and the story of the game, fascinating, and the amount of times I've rewatched the ending is really kind of ridiculous, and ever since I've finished I've just wanted more. I know the game is pretty open to interpretation in a lot of ways, and I'd just love you to explore that in really any way you'd like. If you want suggestions, I love finding-yourself fic and angst-y fic and breaking up fic and falling in love fic. Honestly this is wide-open, as there is (AFAIK) zero fic for this, and I just really want anything at all.


Natalie Teeger + Randy Disher (or Natalie/Randy)

So. I have been hardcore in love with these two for nigh on forever, and I'd love any sort of fic about the two of them. H/C or fluff, during or post-show, any of it. My one requirement is to ignore the Randy/Sharona in the finale (and I do hope that if you love Sharona you know I mean her no ill will!).

If you want prompts, you could have them solving a crime together for some reason, or them trapped somewhere, or them on a road trip to __ for ___, or them going to a concert together because Randy's date fell through and they both love this band, or really ANYTHING. Honestly I just LOVE THEM, and want anything at all! ♥


I like preeeetty much all types of fic - angst, fluff, case!fic, etc. I like character driven fic, I love tropes, I love banter-y humor.


I'm not super into any sort of pregnancy storyline. I'd prefer it to stay below NC-17. I'd prefer it if wasn't cracky. Bad things happening to eyes and garbage disposals used for badness are my two major squicks. Also, I would prefer no cheating fic please!

Mostly I just love fic and I lovelovelove all four of these fandoms and I am so entirely grateful to you for writing me something! YOU ARE LOVELY.

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I do hope that if you love Sharona you know I mean her no ill will!

My heart still hurts from the Twitter conversation where I found out that I was alone in my love for Sharona.