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Stocking Stuffers!!

It's officially holiday season in my book (we wait to pull out the Christmas stuff in my house until Thanksgiving), SO!

This year I'm giving gift drabbles/ficlets! If you'd like one (or two or so), just leave me (sometime before the end of the year):

1. Fandom(/Fandom)
2. Pairing (or gen)
3. Prompt (optional)

For ficlets I'm pretty much willing to write in anything I'm even vaguely familiar with, so if there's anything you've been wanting a tiny slice of, be it AU or crossover or just completely random, this would be the time to prompt! ;)

Fandoms (or if you know I'm familiar w/ something, or movies): 30 Rock, Alice, BBT, Black Books, Bones (up to last season), BtVS, Castle, CHAOS, Charlie Bartlett, Chuck, Community, Die Hard, Doctor Who (new!who), Eureka, Firefly, Foyle's War, Good Guys, Harry Potter, Hart of Dixie, Haven, HIMYM, Hunger Games, In Plain Sight, Jurassic Park, LotR, MASH, The Mentalist, Merlin, Monk, New Girl, Office (US), Parks & Rec, Psych, Revenge, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes ('09), SGA, SG1, Star Trek (reboot!verse), Supernatural (up to last season), Tin Man, Tower Prep, Warehouse 13, White Collar (+ RPF if I'm familiar with it)

& I hope you have lovely lovely holidays, as you're all lovely gorgeous people and deserve only the best! ♥ ♥

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Oh what a sweet idea!

I'd love either: Revenge (Nolan/anyone) or BBT (Sheldon/Penny or Sheldon/Amy) Any rating for either, friendship fic or otherwise.

:) Happy holidays!
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I would feel bad asking you for anything considering that you're already writing all the P/R/S/W fic ever for me.
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But what would be awesome? Leonard finding out about Sheldon/Wil and just being totally baffled.

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You are too generous, ugh.

Parks & Rec; Leslie/Ann epic friendship; wrapped in tinsel.

Thank you!!

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Are you a Wade fan? Please say yes.

OMG, this is so sweet!! When I finally get my Christmas card post up, you better leave your address. Or e-mail, so I can send you an e-card at the very least. -_- *serious eyes*

TBBT (Sheldon/Penny; a comfortable evening gets...intense. I had a dream and you write TBBT best). Orrrr Charlie Bartlett, because you're magical. ♥♥♥♥♥

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SUCH a Wade fan. Ugh, SUCH a Wade fan. First it was totally superficial and pretty much just me staring at his stupidly hot face and that ridiculously attractive body, but somewhere along the line I fell hard and fast for him. ♥

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I adore him. In that first episode, I was just like Oh great, here's your standard Alabama redneck. He's going to be such a pain in the ass. But he's so cute. And really likes Zoe. *sigh*

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1. Harry Potter.
2. Um, I'd adore Draco/Hermione, but if that's not in your wheelhouse, some trio gen would kick ass.
3. Hermione debriefs Draco (or everyone) on their POV of the war for public and ministry record and what she hears gives her pause.