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muir_wolf ([personal profile] muir_wolf) wrote2012-01-06 01:24 pm

2012 Television Goals~

Okay, these are the shows I'm going to (try) to watch this year:

- Sanctuary
- Leverage
- Downton Abbey
- Justified
- Mad Men
- The Good Wife
- Friday Night Lights
- Cougar Town
- Game of Thrones
- Generation Kill
- Sherlock Holmes (the old school one)
- Luther
- Plus I really really want to watch Midsomer Murders from beginning to current, in order. But that's more casual viewing, tbh.

a) Other than watching Sanctuary first, I don't have really any specific order to watch them in,
b) Are any of you planning on watching any of these this year? Because while watching them together might not always work, watching them at the same time means we could talk about them!,
c) Am I missing anything?,
d) I'm never going to be able to watch all of these this year, but OH WELL.

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Sanctuary is totally a top priority.

I also need to watch Downton Abbey, Cougar Town, Game of Thrones and Luther from that list.

And like 4 billion other things. Seriously. My list of stuff I want to watch is so insanely long. I'd be able to get through it all faster if I had Netflix or something, but I do not, so it's all downloads for me.

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Yeah, I've honestly been meaning to start it for like a month now, and still haven't. MAYBE I'LL WATCH THE PILOT TONIGHT.

Idk if I'll like Luther, tbh, because everyone says it's super dark, buuuut I figured I'll give it a try. We should totally coordinate when we're watching the shows, though, because yay someone to talk to!

And yeah, I've still a bunch of British 6-episode seasons I ~acquired last year that I thought I'd breeze right through and...haven't started. I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN HARDWARE, YET. I'M SORRY RC. ♥

And yeah I tropped netflix a few months back, so same boat here. Laaaaame.

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Wow, all of Midsomer Murders?

That's a lot. I think I've only seen the Orlando Bloom episode from beginning to end.

Have you ever watched Spooks/MI5? I love that one and it ended, too. :(

I love Leverage. It has two of my favorite people from previous shows: Gina Bellman, Christian Kane. More importantly, it's fun.

Downtown Abbey...I am probably the only one with no plans to see the second one. I watched all of the first series and was left with...meh. I liked the update of Upstairs, Downstairs better.

The Good Wife...I love The Good Wife and I just started watching it this fall when I ditched Desperate Housewives.

Luther is AWESOME and I also recommend Case Histories with Jason Isaacs.

Missing anything?

Well, I love Portlandia, Syfy is going to be showing Merlin finally and Lost Girl and there's Smash, Jason Issacs' new show sounds interesting, 30 Rock is coming back, Sherlock, the new JJ Abrams Alcatraz show and Syfy has to show the new Eddie Izzard Treasure Island eventually...

Oh, and Boardwalk Empire. Have you ever seen Bored to Death?

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Oh, these are just shows I haven't watched at all - I watch Merlin ♥ and 30 Rock and Sherlock. AND OHMAN I'M SO PSYCHED FOR ALCATRAZ. My love for Sam Neill knows no bounds at all.

I tried Bored to Death and wasn't keen on it, and honestly the premise of Boardwalk Empire doesn't interest me, just as I'm not planning on ever watching Breaking Bad.

Portlandia, though, I do actually have on my external and do plan to watch - I've got a few short shows like that that I forgot to list (such as Miranda), but yesss, thank you for reminding me!

I've seen a lot a lot of Midsomer Murders over the year, and I lovelovelove the show, so yesss I definitely plan to watch it all the way through at some point. Same with MacGyver, although obv very different shows, haha.

And I've seen maybe an episode or two of Spooks - I'm not usually keen on shows with high turnover rates w/in the cast, and I think that's one of them? Or am I mistaken on that? Maybe I should give it a chance, though - thank you for the rec! ♥

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Oh my love for him knows no bounds also, like Happy Town and Crusoe...
I loved the Merlin sequel though, I thought that should have gotten better advertising. I didn't know it existed until a few years later.

Plus, there's Jorge Garcia.

Hehe, MacGyver, I saw all of those when they were new, hehe.

It does have a high turnover, but it's usually done in a way where it doesn't seem as traumatic as say...Torchwood where you kill off half the cast each season.

Spooks maintained about three or four people who were in almost every episode and the turnover was also due to picking such great people who already were or became stars like Matthew Macfadyen, Alice Krige, Sophia Myles, Iain Glen, Jenny Agutter, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gemma Jones, Keeley Hawes, Richard Armitage and Rupert Penry-Jones.

Then, that's not even including those just on for an episode or two like Hugh Laurie, Anthony Head, Andy Serkis, Ian McDiarmid, Kevin McNally, Benedict Cumberbatch and others that I'm forgetting...

It also makes the leaving of a cast member more bearable that I knew it could be coming at any episode but it wouldn't always be death. They had characters leave the service, assume new identities, be thrown in jail, etc.c as well as dying. This way, the deaths wouldn't start losing all meaning.

At least try one episode.

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I have to see that guy in a non-awful role!

(Also I totally remember him in SGA as Teyla's friend, now. I don't remember if I said that.)
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&Midsomer Murders;;;;

I love Leverage, Justified, Luther, and Friday Night Lights AND GAME OF THRONES so I highly recommend all of those. I'm never going to watch Mad Men because I gave it three episodes before ragequitting because every character is such a miserable pile of awful. The Good Wife and Cougar Town are on my to-see-eventually-but-no-big-rush list. Generation Kill I'll prob skip BUT IF YOU WANT SOMEONE TO WATCH JEREMY BRETT!SHERLOCK WITH I AM ALL OVER IT. Oh my god, favorite of all Holmesian incarnations. Forever faaaaavorite.

Have you seen The Wire? I know I need to see it eventually but it seems too intense for my unwinding time. Which is currently full of the asshole humor of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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Considering my mom & I just quit Hell on Wheels because everyone is awful, perhaps I should give Mad Men a pass. Hrmmmmmmm. I was informed by Sin that I need to watch Generation Kill, lol. It's not at the top of my list, tbh - when I watch war things, I tend to prefer WWI/WWII/Revolutionary War stuff. Plus I prefer homefront things, anyway, by a long shot, soooo. Idk. She said it's only 7 episodes or so, so I'll probably give it a chance.

Yessssssss I've been meaning to watch Jeremy Brett!Sherlock for ~two years! \o/

I haven't seen The Wire, and I don't really have any inclination to do so? I tend to shy away from anything considered ~gritty, tbh. I don't do a whole lot of gritty. I hated Se7en. But idk, I don't know much about it, so.

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I need to go back and watch the first half of the first season of Cougar Town before season 3 starts in March. In fact, I'll probably start from the beginning and watch the whole series to current before the new season starts.

I've heard lots of good things about Empire Boardwalk, but I haven't gotten around to seeing any of it.

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I've been meaning to watch it for so long, but I haven't, alas.

I've heard good things about it too, but I thought that it looked a little ~gritty for my taste? I tend not to like it when every character is super flawed/asshole-y, but I might just have the wrong opinion of the show, too - I don't think I know anyone who's actually seen it.
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[personal profile] damalur 2012-01-09 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Basically I love the idea of a Television Goals~ list so much I might steal it from you!

(Which Sherlock Holmes series?)

Generation Kill needs to be on my list, so if you want a watching buddy...and oh gosh, FNL is SO GOOD. I hate football (I might not even feel that strongly about football), but that series is 100% quality and also has my favorite TV marriage ever, sorry Zoe & Wash.

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The Jeremy Brett version! (I'd like to watch the Russian version at some point, too, but I need to find all of it first.)

And yessss I've only ever heard good things about FNL - I just hadn't heard about it at all until last year or so? So I just haven't gotten around to it, yet. I'm totally a sucker for sports movies - even though I don't watch more sports - but so I'm pretty sure I'll like it ;)

GK was something Sin informed me would be on my list (lol) - I'll probably end up watching it in the next two months, and you should DEF watch it with us! =D