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Sherlock isn’t happy with being short.

“Shorter,” John corrects in Sherlock’s voice, Sherlock’s lips twitching up in a smile.

Sherlock forces John’s lips into a scowl John’s never seen the likes of on his own face.

“I will remedy this,” Sherlock growls.

John just leans in to his oh-so-attractive face, enjoying the height advantage for a change.

“Oh Sherlock,” he says, sure that the grin on the face he wears must look odd indeed, “Surely you must bow to the great bloody wisdom of myself, Sherlock Holmes?”

Sherlock bares John’s teeth, and John just laughs and laughs and pulls him in closer. He knows Sherlock will solve it (Sherlock can bloody well solve anything) but for the moment, he’s more intrigued with the way his own mouth will taste against the one he wears.

Sherlock melts against him, his fingers curling into the jacket (his) that John’s wearing.

“Cor,” Sherlock says when they finally pull back, eyes twinkling a little as he imitates John, “Knew I’d be a bloody good kisser.”

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ilu ♥

How are you this amazing?

Thank you, I feel slightly less off-kilter and freaked out now. ♥

I was actually thinking about how awesome a Sherlock/John bodyswap would be! In fact, how awesome would it be for Sherlock and John to deal with their new BRAINS?! Sherlock still has his knowledge, but I'm convinced that some of it is his physical brains structure that contributes to his brilliance. John dealing with the racing thoughts, the feeling that there are no brakes on this runaway car, and Sherlock dealing with what feels like a computer without enough RAM that's lagging and slow, but also works in unexpected ways that make him think that John might be so surprising right down to the individual neurons.... Wow I really want that now. *___*
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Oh my goodness.
I LOVE this!

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Hee, thanks! It's just a five-min ficlet I dashed off because Sin needed recovering from a stressful bodyswap fic (thus the lack of titling or, I now notice, tags, which I'll need to correct), but I'm glad you liked it anyway =)