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Title: clinging to our pride
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2300
Disclaimer: Neither Lord of the Rings nor Hart of Dixie are mine.
Summary: Wade, from the outlying villages of Rohan, answers Théoden’s call for an army to go to Gondor’s aid. Zoe is a lady of Gondor, and a healer in the Houses of Healing. Saving of lives and the usual misunderstandings ensue.

A/N: fic for the ridiculously sweet [ profile] deathgetsusall. I don't even know where to start an explanation of how this came to be, so. IT JUST IS.

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Title: Home is Wherever I'm With You
Rating: PG
Word Count: 575
Disclaimer: Neither Bones nor Fringe are mine, etc.
Summary: Vincent doesn't like flying, but at least he manages to stay inside the plane.

Vincent/Astrid (Bones/Fringe) - for [ profile] weasleytook

(This isn’t the idea I originally had for them, because that’s long and I wouldn’t be able to do it decently right now, but yeah.)

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Title: Lead Me Home
Rating: PG
Word Count: 560
Disclaimer: Neither Harry Potter, nor Bones, are mine.
Summary: Sequel to You Hold Your Truth So Purely, which you should read first, and it's sequel You Kissed My Lips and You Saved Me, which you don't need to read first.
Sometimes, Angela sketches the three of them. Luna/Vincent, Hodgins/Angela.

So I wanted to write something that would cheer [ profile] weasleytook up a little. Just a little bb snapshot fic.

Lead Me Home )
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Title: You Kissed My Lips and You Saved Me
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2200
Disclaimer: Neither Harry Potter, nor Bones, are mine.
Summary: Sequel to You Hold Your Truth So Purely, which you should read first. AU of Bones ep 6.22. Luna worries, and Vincent should always trust her to know best.

I've written this in like two hours while tipsy, and it's unbeta'd, so it might be terrible, but I'm kind of going to post this to my journal anyway? I'm not really planning on posting it anywhere else. It's mostly just therapeutic. So yeah. Hi.

You Kissed My Lips and You Saved Me )

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Title: This is Where It Gets Complicated
Rating: PG13ish
Word Count: Around 4500
Disclaimer: BBT, Doctor Who, Firefly, & Community aren't mine, etc.
Summary: Sheldon builds a time machine by accident, Amy and Penny bond, Mal doesn’t like his ship dragged around, the TARDIS wants to keep Kaylee, and everything is always the Doctor’s fault. (Except maybe this once.) ALSO: DINOSAURS.

Also Sheldon/Penny(ish)

(Also, in this universe, there was never a Doctor Who, Firefly, or Community television show. For obvious reasons.) Community is relegated to the epilogue, which you don't need to read if you don't want closure.

Beta'd by [ profile] weasleytook, who is clearly too awesome to be a real person. All mistakes are mine.


This is a [ profile] help_japan fic for the lovely [ profile] montycrowley - however, I'm no longer sure if this resembles anything you requested. I will totally write you another fic if you want! I don't know what this is, I'm so sorry.

This is Where It Gets Complicated )

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Title: You Hold Your Truth So Purely
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6200
Disclaimer: Neither Harry Potter, nor Bones, are mine.
Summary: Post-HP/between S5 and S6 of Bones. Luna Lovegood/Vincent Nigel Murray
Vincent Nigel Murray won the lottery and went traveling, looking for adventure. He ran into Luna in England, and found it.

Beta'd by the lovely [ profile] menacherie - all mistakes are mine.

AN: This is a holiday gift fic for the fantastic [ profile] weasleytook. (/birthday fic)

The pairing itself came about when we were discussing the darling Mr. Nigel Murray, and who he could possibly be paired off with. The answer, of course, was Luna Lovegood. They're actually about the same age, in fact. Could they be more perfect? Anywho, dahlink, I hope you enjoy it half as much I enjoyed writing it ♥

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Because I have far too many things I want to write, and will never actually end up writing, I'm throwing up some crossover pairings that truly deserve fics imo, haha. This is kinda a self-reference, and because I always have notes everywhere and a tendency to lose things, and complicated named files (yes I am an idiot), but yeah. *shrugs*

(there's totally another list that exists somewhere on my HD, or in a notebook, but it's temporarily missing.)

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Title: born to run
Rating: T/PG-13
Word Count: 1327
Disclaimer: Neither Sherlock Holmes, nor Star Trek, belong to me, etc.
Summary: Irene/reboot!Kirk, Sherlock Holmes/reboot!Star Trek crossover. She goes to the future, he doesn't catch her, she steals things, he doesn't follow orders, they don't love each other, they don't stop running.

Reposted from shkinkmeme - orginally posted Here.

Prompt was: Irene/reboot!Kirk. Anything at all, except broken hearts (they don't believe in them) or getting caught (there's always a way out).

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Title: The Return Contingency (1/5?)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1710 for this part.
Disclaimer: Neither TBBT nor SGA are mine.
Summary: TBBT AU S4, SGA AU S3ish (diverges before The Return, Sunday never happens)
An old friend of Sheldon's needs help, but he and his team have brought trouble with them...  (Sheldon/Penny)

AN: First and foremost I'm sorry this is late!  The scenario for this has basically driven me insane.  I've deleted more than I've written.  Now, of course, I'm writing an approx. 5 chaptered fic (the 2nd should be up tomorrow) with loads of fake science and conspiracies everywhere.  ohdear.  Not quite what you bargained for, so I, of course, can always write you a simple, normal fic as well.  This bunny just popped into my head, though, and wouldn't let go.

[ profile] help_haiti  fic for the lovely [ profile] ishie 


The Return Contingency )


Part Two
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Title: That Don't Impress Me Much
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1687 (yeah I fail at these 500 word things)
Disclaimer: Neither TBBT nor Pysch belong to me. The title is from Shania Twain's song.
Summary: Sheldon and Penny meet Shawn and Gus in a cafe.

[ profile] help_haiti Lightning round fic for the lovely [ profile] weasleytook. She wanted Shawn and Sheldon to meet.

I’m so sorry I didn’t have this up yesterday when I said I would! I was all upset about Coco and it completely slipped my mind! =/ And I had some problems with this fic, so if you want I can definitely write you another one!

That Don't Impress Me Much )
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Title: The Physicist and The Angel (at the end of the world)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 982
Disclaimer: Neither TBBT nor SPN belong to me.

Summary: Dean teaches Penny to throw knives.  Sheldon and Cas discuss sex.  Oh, and there are vague implications that they have to stop the apocalypse.
This was going to be TBBT/SPN AU.  Then it was going to be TBBT/SPN crack!fic.  Now it’s…um…ohgod I don’t know.


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Title: Pop Culture and Social Protocol
Rating: PG
Word Count: 583
Disclaimer: Neither TBBT nor SPN belong to me.

Summary: Castiel tries to give Sheldon relationship advice.  Implied established Sheldon/Penny, Dean/Cas, and friendships all around.

[info]help_haiti  Lighting Round fic for [info]elsewhere_kels 


Pop Culture and Social Protocol )


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