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Master List of LJ-posted Fics

These are not *all* of my fics, just all of my fics on LJ. I've cross-posted a lot of things, but there's still some stuff that's only here on Meh. Eventually I'll get the decent stuff over here, as well.


Big Bang Theory/Doctor Who/Firefly/(some) Community/Dinosaurs
This is Where It Gets Complicated -
Sheldon builds a time machine by accident, Amy and Penny bond, Mal doesn’t like his ship dragged around, the TARDIS wants to keep Kaylee, and everything is always the Doctor’s fault. (Except maybe this once.)


Your Heart is All I Need Alice/Hatter, post-movie, real world fic - they're making a go of it.

Big Bang Theory

Apples on Pomegranate Trees Sheldon/Penny, Interpreting Sheldon’s actions according to his own eccentricities as well as social protocols.
Banging on Your Door S/A, A/P, P/A, Relationships aren’t always easy to figure out.
The Convergence Conclusion Sheldon/Penny, they're beginning to rub off on each other
Do You Know (no no no) Penny gives up acting, Sheldon tries to be supportive, friendship fic
The Heat Wave Catalyzer Sheldon/Penny, Sheldon gets heat exhaustion, Penny takes care of him.
It's Going to Be a Bumpy Night Penny!fic - Penny/Sheldon, Penny/Career.
Lessons from the Masters Sheldon/Penny, it takes her a while to realize she's being wooed
Levels of Like Sheldon/Penny, Penny always gets what she wants
my missing puzzle piece Sheldon/Penny, high school AU
Not Going Anywhere Sheldon/Penny. Meemaw dies, piano!Sex, emotional H/C.
This is All We Got Now 1/2, 2/2 Sheldon/Penny, Sheldon as Supervillian, Penny as Superhero.
What's Here Is Mine Sheldon/Penny, written for Halloween, so magic and vampires and ghosts. And dark. And character death(s?)
You Don't Have to be Constrained Sheldon/Penny, AU. Sheldon lives alone in an apartment that’s made for two people. Penny moves in across the hall.

Come As You Are Penny: Adventures in Bartending

(Sheldon/Wil) - IN ORDER
Maybe You Should Just Accept the Loss evil!Wil/Sheldon, in their eternal struggle, Wil sure knows how to score
Maybe You Don't Understand the Rules evil!Wil/Sheldon, in their eternal struggle, Sheldon calls for a flag on the play

say my name like you mean it NC-17, Penny likes to be in charge, Wil likes to give orders, and Sheldon’s an amazing kisser

They Don't Understand You Sheldon POV. Sheldon doesn't need anyone.

(Sheldon & Raj & Penny)
Everything You're Chasing Raj!fic. In which Raj deals with his sexuality, and Sheldon is surprisingly not terrible with helping.

(Big Bang Big Bang - I am Standing on a Timebomb)
Part I, Part II, Part III R. Eventual Sheldon/Penny, Howard/Raj, Leslie/Leonard, AU, Circus performers in a world recovering from a devastating war in the 1980s.

(Big Bang Big Bang '11 - Take Me Out to the Black)
Part I + Part II PG-15, Everyone/Everyone, Space AU, Sheldon just solved the equation for faster than light travel, but the bad guys want it and the good guys aren't going to let that happen, not matter what...

Big Bang Theory Crossovers
w/ Psych - That Don't Impress Me Much
w/ Stargate Atlantis - The Return Contingency 1/5?, 2/5?, 3/5?
w/ Supernatural - The Physicist and the Angel (at the end of the world)
- Pop Culture and Social Protocol

Bones (Vincent Nigel-Murray) Crossovers
(Luna/Vincent series - In order)
You Hold Your Truth So Purely Luna Lovegood/Vincent Nigel Murray, Post-HP/between S5 and S6 of Bones.
You Kissed My Lips and You Saved Me Luna/Vincent, Hodgins/Angela, fix-it fic for Bones ep. 6.22
Lead Me Home L/V, H/A, Sometimes, Angela sketches the three of them.

Home is Wherever I'm With You Vincent doesn't like flying, but at least he manages to stay inside the plane.

Charlie Bartlett
A Million Things to Be AU gun scene, Charlie/Nathan father/son bonding.

Doctor Who
Don't Try to Save Me Martha/Ten, Jack, Martha always makes the right choice, even when it hurts.
Loving Him Martha/Ten, AU tag to LotTL
Shiny Rings & Other Things Martha/Ten, Donna/Jack. Martha's not engaged, the Doctor *is* irritated, and Donna's Not Fooled. At All.
When You Never Cried Alone 1/? 2/? Martha/Ten/Jack. Post-LotTL, pre-Donna. Martha's kidnapped.
You Know I'll Put Us Back Together 1/2 2/2 Pre-Martha/Ten, pre-Donna/Jack, pre-JE. There are all kinds of abuse. Martha-angst.

Invulnerable Mal/Simon, post-War Stories. "Mal seems whole, seems normal and stable and solid except for the thin scars trembling through his eyes."

i call your name but it becomes the wind Peter/Olivia, alt after 3.17, Bell's presence causes Olivia's cortexiphan abilities to kick in.
This is All That's Left for Us Post Season 4, spoilers for the finale. She can feel the way her life stutters over spaces.

Harry Potter
Blue Windows behind the Stars Draco/Harry. 5th yr. Draco's not taking the Mark, expecting death. Harry, Hermione, & Ron aren't giving him up so easily.

Harry Potter/Bones (Luna/Vincent series) - in order
You Hold Your Truth So Purely Luna Lovegood/Vincent Nigel Murray, Post-HP/between S5 and S6 of Bones.
You Kissed My Lips and You Saved Me Luna/Vincent, Hodgins/Angela, fix-it fic for Bones ep. 6.22
Lead Me Home L/V, H/A, Sometimes, Angela sketches the three of them.

Everybody's Looking for Something House/Cuddy, post Kutner's suicide House goes to Cuddy. Disjointed.

Hunger Games
Things We Don't Do for Love Finnick/Annie, in the aftermath of their separate Hunger Games

In Plain Sight
Waiting for Someone to Push You Away pre-Mary/Marshall, Mary's POV on "Don't Cry for Me."

Jurassic Park
Carve Your Name Into My Arm Ian/Alan, Alan notices Ian writes on his arms, Ian notices Alan's v. tactile

Lord of the Rings
Mountains and White Towers Pippin/Diamond (his wife from the appendices)

Mentalist, The
A Matter of Trust pre-slash Jane/Cho

Bar Fights: The New Online Dating Shawn/Lassie, protective!Lassie, needy!Shawn

Sherlock Holmes '09

wait for day to start Holmes "dealing" with Watson's death.
I Can Outlast Cold, Can You Outlast Me? crack!fic, with magic, werewolf!Watson, ex-con!Holmes, and more!
Like a Long Lost Friend Holmes/Watson, 09 movieverse. AS COWBOYS.
Of Promises and Packages Holmes/Watson, Holmes gets grass stains on his knees - PWP
Soft, Soft Static Holmes/Watson, AU movieverse. They're pulled apart in the middle of a crowd.
This is (not) the End Holmes/Watson, apocalypse / end of the world sex

Free to Love You Irene/Mary, love isn't disappointment / freedom isn't found, it's won
Life's Waiting to Begin Irene/Mary, Every life needs a bit of spice. It's not living without a bit of adventure.

Sherlock Holmes '09 Crossovers
born to run Reboot!Star Trek Crossover, reboot!Kirk/Irene, he doesn't catch her, she steals things, they don't love each other, they don't stop running.

Stargate Atlantis
We Don't Need to Whisper Shep/Liz, "We're always racing against the countdown, which someday won't stop poised at one.
The Ritual Shep/Liz, before every mission they had a ritual.
Stories (to be Shared) Ronon/Cadman

Stargate Universe
Never Let You Go (Again) Young/Rush, post-Justice. Dynamics have to be reestablished...hints of Eli/Scott

Everything's Made to be Broken Dean-angst, Cas POV, Cas watches Dean
The Piano Dean-centric, angsty, Sam discovers Dean plays the piano
Side by Side Dean/Cas, at the end of the world
We Do Have Standards After All Dean/Cas or Dean&Cas, Cas plays human with mixed results

Veronica Mars
In the Middle of the Flood I Felt My Worth Veronica/Logan. Veronica POV, "History books remind us of what we are, and what we are not."
Please Know That You Were Mine As Well Veronica/Logan. Logan POV, "We have carved a religion out of devastation and resolve."
This is the Safest Place You've Found Veronica/Logan. Veronica POV, "We are pages of a journal, ripped out and rearranged, haphazard and yet whole."



Conan O'Brien/Andy Richter -
but you're coming back again Very slow progression. AU, set following Andy leaving LNwCOB.

Conan O'Brien/Jeff Goldblum -
and in your soul In bed. Kind of angsty? - (NC-17, f-locked)
when the ice is melted away AU, Conan isn't married, during & after January debacle - (PG-13)

Conan O'Brien/You - (f-locked)
Getting Warm Conan falls into dunk tank, you both warm up in his dressing room
Pancakes and Sex Always Beat Jogging lazy Sunday afternoon


Found Poetry
a little bit sideways Source: Charlie Sheen interviews
Can we just keep all the madness? Source: Quotes from Sarah Jane Smith, in memory of Elisabeth Sladen.
i am not scared of the booger-man Source: an excerpt from Charles Portis' True Grit, for [ profile] ishie
This Will Be the Hard Part Source: [ profile] notalwaysweak's BBT fic, The Awards Night Attraction.
why go back Source: [ profile] allthingsholy's Bones fic, and the earth is a little bigger


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