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German Study Group

Okay, so, I've been planning on learning German for ages upon ages. Pretty much ever since I finished my last German class ~3 years ago, realized I knew hardly anything, and also realized that I simply don't learn languages well in a classroom setting. Probably because I'm lazy, but hey.


Now that I'm once again considering trying to start, I thought it could be fun to have study buddies. If people are interested, basically:

- We'd use Rosetta Stone (if you don't have it, I'll ~fix that), and I don't recall how long/complex the lessons are, but it wouldn't be super-intensive because a) no one has time for that, and b) I didn't learned anything when it was super-intensive, so. I'm thinking maybe two-three lessons a week? Or so? (We'll figure that out later.) I just don't want it to turn into awful work that I hate.

- I, um, was already looking for German kids shows/kids shows dubbed in German, because that sort of learning makes me happy.

- Mostly just having other people work for the same goal at the the same pace tends to be enormously helpful, and will hopefully stop me from giving up in defeat two days after starting. And we can IM and email each other and practice that way, too, which is good!
Lastly, I honestly remember crap, and while I'm sure some of it will come back to me, I fully intend on starting from the beginning. If you don't need to start from the beginning, you can still just chill and talk to people, and if you have no experience at all, you can start with me!

This isn't something I plan on starting right away, I was thinking in a couple of weeks. (And am completely open to suggestions.)

(Mostly I'm just throwing this up because a few people have said they're not sure if they could keep up, and I'm like lol, I would have trouble keeping up with German babies, and they're just speaking baby talk, so that's not an issue.)